SDVA turned 15 years old, and not even a world pandemic could stop us from celebrating. We just took a deep breath and adjusted our compasses to a new direction. And boy did we manage to celebrate with all the fanfare that this association deserves to have.

Our weekend started on Friday (when all weekends should start), with an epic night dive at Sloterplas (according to what Tessa told me). Some of us had been preparing all week for this moment, as we were doing our final dive to get our coveted Night Dive credentials. So, congratulations are in order for Tessa, Jaël and the writer of this post. Also, special thanks to our instructor Michiel, for putting up with me every time I placed my mask on my forehead. Lesson learned!!  We finished our Friday excursions with delicious muffins and hot cocoa under the serene rain. Yum!!

We continued socially distancing partying on Saturday morning, when these intrepid divers set out to conquer Amsterdam, or truth be told: give some wrong diving instructions, put SDVA stickers as high as possible, avoid doing an underwater yoga session, and teach strangers diver’s underwater sign language. This Crazy 88 had four glorious winners: Bas, Robin, Nadine and again, the author of this post. We now consider ourselves the proud owners of the greatest trophy to have ever existed: a rubber duck in a diver’s costume. We finished off this great day by gathering on Zoom for an amazing cook off of vegan wellington steak. SDVA members are not only exceptional divers but also seem to know their way around the kitchen.

On Sunday evening we topped off the celebratory weekend with snacks (Thank you LuCo!!) to watch a film “together” and play games. David was consecrated as the Bingo Champion, and promised to share the dinner prize with all of us, or so I have been told.

In the end, it was expected that such a group of daredevils, who are used to getting out of traps and nets underwater; who are not afraid go to into the depths of the ocean at night, armed  only with a torch; or scuba dive in the shark infested waters of the red sea, would manage to defeat adversity once more and gave their beloved association the birthday celebrations it deserves. Thank you LuCo for organizing such an amazing weekend, and congratulations SDVA for 15 amazing years full of adventures. Prost!!